What is the

Woglue ?

Woglue is making digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) more personalized using machine vision on the side of any digital screen. Any digital screen owner from a mall to a taxi driver can connect to Woglue platform to advertise own goods and services, plus get income from global brands.


  • Woglue converts any public area to the measurable digital marketing tool to make Out-of-home communication between people and offline business more personal. Any digital screen at any public area - taxi, street retail, cafe, grocery, supermarket, mall, municipality park, transport hub can:
  • Advertise own services, goods and measure the effectiveness of published creative materials using our machine vision digital screen upgrade
  • Advertise external (approved by public area) advertising video of local and global brands to get passive income using our solution.


  • Woglue detects impersonal direct eye-contacts of the audience for each advertising video
  • Shows relevant advertising video to a specific segments of audience
  • Provides audience insights for marketing managers of brands and advertising media agencies
  • Sells direct eye-contacts and convertion chains to brands and advertising agencies

Have questions?

Email us for a video call and we'll be happy to talk! markin@woglue.com Follow us on social media to know us better!