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We believe that digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is the future of out-of-home (OOH) ads.

Our goal is to build a software for full automation of the digital advertising process, which helps all the advertising players to increase profits, save time and take a step to the future.



Where it can be used

There are many places like coffee shops, stores, clubs, waiting rooms etc where digital screens are installed. The number of such places is growing fast. Each display is attractive for the advertiser therefore it's got potential for monetization from the advertisement. Many times this potential is not fully used due to technological, organizational, marketing and financial limitations.

What is the

Woglue ?

We offer to your attention Woglue, the system which unites owners of public digital displays into a single advertising network. The uniqueness of Woglue lies in the use of the Cost-Per-View charging model powered by a computer vision system. This means that the advertiser will pay money for real views of his ads.

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CPV powered by computer

vision system

Cost-Per-Vew, or CPV, is a method of charging for advertisements based on the number of views or interactions an ad receives. This method is widely used in online advertisement (f.e. youtube). But until now it was not truly used for out-of-home advertisement. Our idea is to equip digital screens with web-cameras and implement a computer vision system that will be trained to recognize views and gather real time statistics about viewers such as gender and age. These statistics can be used for contextual advertising and for giving to an advertiser a better picture about audience hem(she) reached.

I am an Advertiser

Real time campaign management

  • stop or resume the campaign
  • change campaign budget and CPV he is willing to pay
  • change the terms and duration of an advertising campaign
  • change target audience
  • change a set of digital screens used for the campaign
  • follow the progress of the campaign using different statistics

I am a Screen Owner

Woglue allows a digital screen owner to manage his display in real-time:

  • allow or reject incoming ads for showing on the display
  • stop showing earlier allowed ads
  • create, delete and assign playlists to the specific display
  • check different statistics related to the screen

Fully automatic money transactions

All money transactions are fully automated. Every day according to the number of views generated by an advertising, money are transferred from advertisers' credit cards to screen owners' credit cards. Both sides can see transactions history in their cashiers.